Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Photos

Thank you Adrienne!  You did a beautiful job despite my children's unwillingness to comply with having their picture taken.

Scott let me know that my outfit made me look like I belonged in a Jordache commercial.  

He then pulled one up on You Tube and lo and behold, there I was. 

It's decided that God made her so cute so that I can look at pictures like this and regain calm at the end of the day.

The oh so serious, Bella.

The quilt was a handmade wedding gift from my Grandma Doris.

So we sat on it in the middle of a street.  That's normal....right?

I'm in public.  In skinny jeans.  It's some kind of miracle that I never thought would happen.

Belle really wanted her picture taken some more.  Can't you tell?

Thanks for loving your 80's rockstar so well, babe.

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