Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teething Troubles

Evelyn has never been fond of teething. Every tooth has given us long nights with frequent waking and grumpy days. But, the canines have been by far the worst. She finally has two of them part-way in.

Two nights ago she was in so much pain that she woke up sobbing while Scott was still up working. He went up there to comfort her and she continued to cry and cry if he tried to leave her room. She patted the bed beside her and said, "daddy sleep". How do you turn that down? So Scott spent that night in her new big girl bed with her.

Last night only had one waking around 4:00 where she woke up with a shrill scream. She then climbed out of bed and got her door open before I could get to her. She frantically grabbed at my legs crying, "owie, owie". I picked her up and she laid her head on my shoulder and asked me to sing to her. I sang for a while then laid her back down where she fell back to sleep.

The next morning we saw why she was in so much pain. The tooth was through even more and her sheet and pillowcase were covered in blood spots. It was the saddest sight. It's happened a couple of times before with these teeth, but never this many or much.

Here's my poor little teether showing off one of her newest, hard-fought-for, teeth.

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