Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Evelyn has officially been moved to her new room and new bed. She seems to love her bed and has made no attempts to escape despite the fact that she is quite good at climbing off of beds by herself.

It was a very emotional day for me on Friday. She took her nap in her crib, but would be going to bed for the night in her new room and bed. Before her nap I rocked with her in the rocking chair, read her stories, and sang with her. It's the same routine I've done with her basically since she was first born. I couldn't help but reminisce to when she was my little 7 lbs. newborn all swaddled up tight falling asleep on my chest as I read to her. I thought of the countless times I had done it. The hundreds of hours we had logged there in the middle of the night nursing her and helping her back to sleep. The nights I had looked in and found her and Scott fast asleep in that chair when she was too sick to sleep laying flat in her crib. It still makes me cry now thinking of how much she has grown up and how much joy she has brought us in the last 21 months.

So now the nursery sits waiting for another 5 or so weeks for another tiny baby to fill it, and my big girl is fast asleep in her bed. It helped to be the one to put her to bed tonight. I was able to climb in beside her to snuggle, read, sing, and pray. I really enjoyed the time and know that I will enjoy each new stage as she grows up, even as I mourn a little bit the stage we are leaving behind.

Last naptime in her crib.

Loving her brand new bed.

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