Friday, October 2, 2009

Sigh...I Love You Too

Evelyn is cutting some new teeth. This always leads to sleep deprivation for me, shortened naps for her, and extra crankiness from both of us.

A couple days ago I was particularly exasperated. She was clawing at my legs, whining, while I was trying to get dinner cooked. I picked her up and said, "I'm frustrated with you. Nothing I do is making you happy! I'm tired, you won't sleep, and you won't let mama get anything done!"

She responded by puckering up and giving me a big kiss on the lips followed by her sweet smile.

How can you stay upset with that?


  1. I watched the Today show today also :-) The life of a mom!

  2. So precious! She has changed so much since we've seen her!