Saturday, October 31, 2009

Evelyn's Dedication

We had Evelyn dedicated on October 18th at Timberline Church in Iowa. The pastor of Timberline (Steve Hudson) is the same pastor that married Scott and I over 3 years ago. In case you are unsure what baby dedication is, I think the transcript of what Steve said during the dedication explains it best:

Throughout the ages, godly parents have presented their children to the Lord in dedication. You follow a noble heritage.

While dedication is a worthy act, you must understand that it offers no saving virtue. Dedication does not guarantee your child’s salvation, for this requires a personal commitment that each one must make on their own upon reaching the age of awareness and accountability. Salvation is obtained by grace, through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as personal savior. Though the dedication ceremony does not save, it is nonetheless a most significant act of faith and declaration of intent by the parents to provide Christian nurture to their child.

Believing that this child is a gift from God, and that He shall hold you accountable for her, do you now solemnly confess that it is you purpose to dedicate this child to the Lord and to His service? Will you pray with her and for her; instruct her faithfully in the doctrines of the Christian faith; teach her to read the Word of God; to pray and to lead a holy life; take her faithfully to the house of worship to attend its services; and do all that is in your power to bring her to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord?

Parents: “We will.”

Evelyn in her pretty dress.

Her cousins love her!

Daddy reading the verse we picked out for her.

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