Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1~ Evelyn turned 7 months old this week! It doesn't seem possible, but she is more fun than ever.

2~ We are loving the awesomely warm weather we are getting this week. We broke out the sundresses!

3~ Evelyn has started saying ma ma ma ma and crawling to me when she wants to nurse or is tired. It's so cute!

4~ Despite being offered a few different foods, she still prefers to eat grass and dirt. I don't get it. She would rather put grass in her mouth than banana??? Last night she did consume a very small amount (as in one tiny piece about half the size of my pinky nail) of shredded chicken out of my chicken quinoa soup. She didn't seem to mind it, but wouldn't eat another piece when I offered it to her. I guess she's just content to nurse for now.

5~ She went to the church nursery for the first time last Sunday. It made me a little nervous, but we were at a new church and I really wanted to be able to pay attention. I also scoped it out first to figure out who was in there watching the kiddos and how many of them were in there. There were only a couple babies and Evelyn didn't even flinch when the woman in charge picked her up and started playing with her. She's so independent most of the time, so I guess it doesn't suprise me too much that it went so well.

6~ I finished reading "Tortured for Christ" this week. Absolutely incredible book. You can get it for free at I think every American should read it. It's eye opening as to what is truly going on around the world while we live in comfort here.

7~ I put a map of the world up on my fridge. It has countries shaded in with three different colors. The US and most of Europe, South America, and the southern part of Africa are one color. The rest of the countries are either yellow meaning they are a restricted nation (meaning that the government policy or practice prevents Christians from obtaining Bibles or other Christian literature, or that government-sanctioned circumstances and anti-Christian laws lead to Christians being harassed, imprisoned, killed, or deprived of posessions or liberties because of their witness)or brown meaning they are a hostile area (meaning the government consistently attempts to provide protection for the Christian population, but Christians are victims of violence because of their witness). I have started to make it a habit that anytime during the day that I open the fridge or look at the map I pray for the Christians and those that persecute them in these countries. I don't say this that anyone would look at me and think I'm doing something great, but rather to encourage you to pray for these people as well. There is nothing that they need more than people praying for them. None of the problems that can affect us here in America come close to touching what these people go through every day. Not even close. You would be amazed at how the knowledge of what others are going through and praying for them does to your day. Things that used to so greatly affect me just don't seem so important now. Give it a shot. See what God will do.

Have a great week and be a blessing!

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