Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Happy Friday! I wish it looked happier outside. :( The weather is cold and gloomy all weekend. This makes me sad because the Brookside art fair is this weekend and I was really excited to go to that and the Farmer's Market tomorrow. So sad. Maybe next weekend.

1~ Bruce (Scott's dad) is down here right now working wonders on our yard. We're getting grass seed planted and a little flower bed out front all put together.

2~ I have discovered the wonder of making your own homemade bread from freshly ground grain. I don't think I can ever go back. Soooo yummy. And before you think I'm out back with a couple of stones, quickly change your mental picture. I got a grain grinder that you pour the grain in and presto! it comes out the other end all ground up into flour. :)

3~ If you ever want to have folding laundry be more interesting, you can borrow my 7 month old. It's all kinds of fun.

4~ I have a delicious recipe for taco soup that I will be posting later this week. It's so yummy!

5~ Evelyn's birth story was featured on another blog for her May mom-a-thon, so if you're visiting from there...hello and welcome!

6~ This week Evelyn pushed a laundry basket a few feet across the living room while standing with it. She would push and then take a few steps to get back close to it. I'm soooo not ready for her to be walking already!!! Thankfully she can't stand unassisted yet, so we should have...what...a few more days??? :)

7~ "Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10


  1. evelyn! your smile is beautiful! tell your mommy to put you in the car and drive to nebraska. your boyfriends want to see you again!!! (just don't tell your daddy.)
    and tell your mommy to link to the blog she is featured on!
    love ya!

  2. Go, Evelyn, go!!!!

    I'm glad you are enjoying the bread...I would have felt so bad if you weren't into after making the plunge for the Bosch. :) I can't remember if you like cinnamon raisen bread but you can use the same recipe and throw in cinnamon and raisins for breakfast or a snack...mmmm...

    Oh, and I think you're #7 contradicts your introduction?? ;)

    Miss you!!

  3. Hi. Are you willing to post the recipe for your whole grain bread? Also, what grain grinder do you use?


  4. I have a Bosch to make my bread with and use the Family Grain Mill (not the Bosch grain mill) attachment to grind my grain (I typically use spelt, but want to try hard white as well). I use a recipe from the Urban Homemaker.

  5. Thanks for the info, Elizabeth. I appreciate it!