Friday, April 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes

I forgot last week, so I'm going to be on top of it this week. :)

1~ Evelyn in her new onesie I made her.

2~ I think she likes chocolate. :)

3~ This is just never a good sight.

4~ Let the indoctrination begin early...

5~ Evelyn loves playing outside in the grass, but it has been really cold this week so she wasn't able to. Instead she has spent a lot of time doing this. How cute is that?

6~ Evelyn's crawling adventures are proving to be interesting! Her favorite things to crawl after are anything that is not a toy...particularly electrical cords and paper.

7~ As far as Evelyn is concerned, the alphabet starts with the letter "B". She chewed the page with the "A" until it was so dissolved I had to tear it off. There was a picture of an apple on it; maybe it just looked too tempting...

Have a great week and be a blessing!

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious! I can't wait to see her again. She's changed so much already...again!