Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes

So one of my bestest friends Anna does 7 quick takes about her week every Friday. I've decided to give it a go. It may only last one or two weeks, but hey, so is life. :)

1 ~ Evelyn has started putting herself to sleep for naps with her pacifier. It's so weird to not rock her to sleep. I kind of miss it, but I know it's good for her. And because she doesn't even cry when I do it, I figure she's ready.

2 ~ I put Evelyn's little newborn clothes in the basement this week. First I held up this little pair of brown pants that she used to wear almost every day after she was born. They wouldn't even go half way around her belly now!

3 ~ Scott has been REALLY busy with work. He comes home around 7-8, eats dinner, and then works...sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, this will be done with in the next week or two.

4 ~ I don't like my new diet restrictions. I know it's good for me. But it's showing me how addicted to food I am. Sometimes I would give anything to go to IHOP for all-you-can-eat pancakes or a big piece of chocolate cake.

5 ~ I love the look on Evelyn's face when Scott comes home for lunch or at the end of the day. She lights up for him and laughs for him (more than she ever will for me). It has recently convicted me about how much joy I come to my own heavenly Father with...

6 ~ I left Evelyn laying on her blanket today in the living room while I went to make dinner. I came running back into the room when I heard her screaming. Somehow she made it several feet from where I left her and she had her face pressed into the hardwood floor. Uh-oh. I now have a mobile baby!

7 ~ We're skyping! We got a webcam for Christmas and can now video conference with anyone else who has one. So eveyone needs to get one. :)

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