Monday, August 11, 2014

Annie is 4!

Just ask her!  She comes out of her room in the morning now and announces to everyone, "I'm still four!"

And we celebrated in Frozen style, because that's your party theme this year if you are between the ages of 3-8.  It's the only option apparently.

I may have gotten a little excited about using quotes from the movie for the food table and gone a little overboard with it.  And then claimed it was all for Annie, you know, the one that can't even read the quotes on the table.

Goody bags of snowman parts.  Some of the kids took it literally to try to build a snowman with them.  Note to self, include toothpicks or something next time.

This sweet girl spent the whole day squealing over it all.  She made everyone's day with her reaction to opening her Elsa and Anna dolls.  I think the whole neighborhood could hear her.

Meanwhile, big sis learned a new trick to scare her mother with.

Abe and his best friend Mo from next door.  And he's wearing an Olaf shirt because he loves Frozen as much as if not more so than his sisters.

In case anyone's wondering where I get my weirdness from: this is my mom.

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