Sunday, March 30, 2014


Do you see that number over there???  -------->>>>


It feels so good to have gotten this far already in clearing stuff out of my house.  My master bedroom feels more spacious and less cluttered.  Our basement is functional and easy to find things.  There isn't excess stuff sitting around down there collecting dust and adding chaos.

So how in the world did we get to that number without this happening every day?

Yes, those two really did that one morning while I was all proud of myself for getting all the beds made and the bathroom cleaned upstairs.  We are still finding flour on things days later.

The only way it was able to happen so quickly was that my parents took the kids for a weekend for us.  We spent an entire Saturday going through the basement and getting rid of all the stuff that we had convinced ourselves for years that we needed to hang on to, but really we didn't.

Here's 7 boxes full of books.  Books we weren't reading or needing for any real reason.  I took them to Half Price Books and got $80 for them.  I'd much rather have $80 than have these boxes cluttering up shelves in the basement.

Then there was all this.  All this was hauled off to City Thrift.  Garbage bags full of outgrow or unneeded clothes, household accessories, and just randomness.  So.  Much.  Randomness.

And even after I snapped these pics, we found a whole other car load full of things to get rid of.  I cleared out old table cloths from the hutch that don't fit any of our current tables, serving dishes I never use, old jewelry that doesn't get worn, winter clothes from my closet that I didn't wear all winter, more kids toys, and old files that we do not need (old refrigerator manuals, anyone?).


  1. Would love to see pics of your less cluttered rooms (bedroom). :)