Saturday, March 22, 2014


I could overhear Evelyn singing got Abraham in his room yesterday morning.

"You have to dress fancy today Abraham.  It's kind of like your birthday, but it's your family day!"  

She knew we had a small party planned, were making a cake, and that it was one year ago that Abraham was officially adopted.  She decided to call it family day.

She asked me to write "Happy family day Abraham Behrens we love you" on his cake.  I let her know I wasn't that talented, and stuck with just his name.

He ate two pieces.  His belly was hard as a rock.

It was a gorgeous day of remembering all we went through to have him join our family and how thankful we are that he is a permanent member.

He's giving me the side-eye because it was snuggle and sleep time, not photo time.  He wouldn't let me rock him to sleep like I did a year ago.  He's getting all grown up on me.  


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so precious!!!! So much changes in a year doesn't it? Congratulations on your adoptiversary!

  2. congrats! Have loved following you in this journey:)

  3. Would love to hear your adoption story one day : )