Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Abraham: 18 Months

Your cuteness does me in, sweet boy.  You're 1 and a half and showing every ounce of your toddler nature.  

Your very most favorite thing to do is make noise.  Instruments are the favored mode for this, but banging on things will suffice in a pinch.

Second only to making noise is getting into things.  No cupboard, table, drawer, or shelf is safe with you around.

You are walking and running everywhere these days and have no patience for crawling anymore.

Teething has been rough, you've gotten all 4 molars and 4 canines in the last 1-2 months.  This makes you fussy and clingy if not fully entertained.  Making dinner or getting much done has proven interesting for me.

You're sitting at around 22 pounds and are still swimming in 12-18 month clothes.  If the sleeves and pant legs were longer, you would still fit in your 6-12 month clothes just fine.

You love to imitate everything we do.  You will find a brush and try to brush your hair, or a Q-Tip and try to clean your ears.  You enjoy playing with the play kitchen and dolls, so you got your very own doll for Christmas that you call Buddy.

Eating is hit or miss with you.  You will eat adult sized portions of BBQ beef, but will hardly touch other things I try to get you to eat some days.  You are usually pretty consistent in your love of sweet potatoes, broccoli, and chips though.

You still adore bottles.  You take 3-4 a day still with no real end in sight.  You refuse to drink your formula from any other type of cup though, so we won't push the issue until you're 2 most likely.

You're becoming very talkative.  It's mostly babble unless you are imitating something someone has said.  You'll copy almost any word we try to get you to say!

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  1. Those eyes! That smile! You must be such a proud mama! These pictures are great - make me smile. :)


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