Monday, June 24, 2013

He Turned One

We made it to his first birthday.  I never, ever dreamed that his first year would look anything like it did.  But here we are at the completion of it, and I am ever so proud of this little guy.

Abraham is one amazing kid.  He is happy, healthy (!!!), and so much fun to have in our family.

He's weighing in at 18 lbs. 12 oz, which puts him just above the 10th percentile for weight.  He still wears 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing with no signs of outgrowing it anytime soon.  He will eat just about anything you put in front of him with his 7 little front teeth.

Through some testing though, we've found out that we can't put peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg white, or soy in front of him.  Poor guy.  The hope is that he will outgrow at least some of those allergies sooner than later.

So yes, that cake he is devouring is not only free of those allergens, but gluten as well.  It was surprisingly pretty delicious.  Abraham clearly agreed.

He decided that opening presents is a pretty fun gig when your sister's will give you a chance.  I think I may just go swimming in his eyes in this picture.

But, playing with presents proved to be more fun.  This was his favorite gift (picked out by Evelyn because, "he likes to bang on things").  He screamed at Evelyn when he caught her playing with it.  A glimpse into impending toddlerdom perhaps?

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