Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Entering December

I just mapped out the next 3 weeks of our lives last night.  We leave for Iowa 2 weeks from Saturday and there is a TON to pack into these days.  In the crazy, we are embracing this advent season.  A season of waiting for our Savior and celebrating His first coming to this broken earth.  We enter these next few weeks prayerfully.  Hoping that we can live in the moment with our kids, neighbors, and friends and shine His light instead of looking ready to pull our hair out. 

On that note, I will most likely be sparse around here.  But I did take some time yesterday to write a post for a friend of mine who was instrumental in helping us bring Abraham home.  So today, you will find me here

Happy December!  Embrace the season!

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  1. Elisabeth,

    He is truly precious! God has blessed your family with a wonderful gift!

    Take care!!


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