Thursday, December 20, 2012

Abraham: 6 Months

Happy Half Birthday Son!

Your dad and I laid in bed last night talking about you.  We were like two little kids on Christmas morning trying to explain our excitement about having you in our lives.  

Our hearts are so full.  You are just such an amazing little person.

We celebrated your first Christmas last weekend.  You seem thrilled to have new things to chew on.  Everything goes right into your mouth now.

You jabber and screech all day long.  Always something to say.

You are most definitely mobile.  I'm constantly finding you stuck underneath tables, couches, and chairs.  You move backward, so you aren't able to avoid obstacles yet.

Your sister, Evelyn, and you are best buddies.  You make each other laugh and smile.  Whenever she sees me taking your picture, she wants in on the posing with you.

You still are a little peanut weighing in at 14 lbs. 5 ounces.  Your GI doctor is not pleased with your current growth curve, so we are continuing to try new things to help you get on track.  You are on reflux medication and we're starting some solids. You get excited when you see the spoon, so I think you are ok with this.  If you don't start picking up the pace a little bit you doctor wants to do a GI scope to check for inflammation.  Mommy wants to avoid this though, so grow baby, grow!

We are hoping to finalize your adoption next month, but it may not be until February.  I can't wait to stand before a judge and tell him that we want you to be ours forever and ever. 

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