Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tales of Yesterday

Here was my afternoon/evening yesterday. 

We were at Whole Foods stocking up on all things gluten-free when an employee walks up and say to the girls, "Guess what!  There are corn dogs and cookies outside for everyone!" 

Awesome.  Thanks.

So after I politely (although part of me wanted to be snarky) told her that we would not be able to participate because of Celiac disease and she left without a word.  We bought an extra bag of cookies and left. 

Stuff like that bothers me.  Whisper it to me, please.  Don't get my daughter excited about something that she will never get to join in on. 

Then we came home, had dinner, hosted small group, and then had a couple from the neighborhood come over to chat.  I ended up having to call 911 on our neighbors a block away because we heard quite the colorful array of language being yelled for a long period of time and we became worried about people's safety.  Good times.  I promise I really do love where we are living in the city.  I just hurt for those people. 

Our friends stayed until after 11 which is soooo past my bedtime because I'm a wuss like that and love to sleep.  So my recipe I had planned on typing up for you last night will have to wait.  It's for homemade chocolate syrup.  I know.  Delish.  Gluten-free.  Not nearly as bad for you as the store bought stuff.  And super cheap. 

We have a packed day today, so if you need some reading to do, you can find me over here.  I found out about that site from Jami, head over to her blog if you want to read about the awful things she did to her siblings growing up.  She may even top Melissa (my big sis) with some of what she did. 

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