Tuesday, March 13, 2012

February Is A Bit Past Over

This was our dining room a month ago.  It's only been a month since Valentine's Day, so it's not too late to post on it, right?  I love creating fun memories for my girlies.  So they came down to this in the morning and heart-shaped pancakes.

And apparently this is the only picture I got of Belle that day, which is better than what I got of Evelyn.  And yes, she's biting chunks out of a raw potato.  Is that weird?

One of the perks of Scott's job is that his firm buys tables at different fundraisers.  Some of them we get to be the guests at.  A couple weeks ago we went to one for St. Luke's SPOT (speech, physical, occupational therapy for children center).  It was a blast!  There was a DJ, face painting, confetti canons, a bounce house, and all kinds of kiddo activities.

Evelyn is now a patient/client (I'm not sure what the right term is there) at St. Luke's SPOT for her speech woes.  She tested even lower than I thought she would.  So we will be regulars over there every week attempting to play catch up with her.

The rest of February and now early March is marked by amazing weather.  We are definitely ready for all kinds of warm weather, playing outside, and gardening.  Evelyn has a garden that she works diligently in.   There is nothing planted in it yet, but she keeps hoping something will start growing.  She let me know that her garden isn't a flower garden, it's the kind you can eat.

Meanwhile, the girls have been busy building nests for rabbits and leaving food for them.  We have yet to have any takers, but they hold out hope none the less.

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  1. the potato...LOL

    i am looking into the spot as well!