Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Store Updates

So, um, it's NOVEMBER already.  Yeah.  Crazy. 

This month is going to be a busy one for our family. 

The new house is almost done, or at least done enough to move in.  The plan is to head that way right around Thanksgiving.  Sorry Iowa folk, you won't be graced with our presence this year.  :(

We are working on getting our profile book ready to go for the adoption.  It's essentially a scrapbook of our lives to show to prospective birth moms.  Soooo not my thing to create, so our consulting agency is helping big time.  But it's still a lot of work.  And more paperwork.  Always more paperwork.

So my little store.  I love it, and it's super fun to make things for people, but I have to pace myself through this season of life.  So if you have an order you want to place for Christmas gifts for the kiddos you have 1 week to do so!  November 10th will be my cut-off for accepting new orders.  Around Thanksgiving I will list what I have already made and is ready to go and sell that off as well.  But, if you know you want something specific, the time to order is upon you.  That sounds so serious.  I just need to not be pulling my hair out and hosting all nighters of sewing in December for my sanity's sake, ok? 

Now go on and order now.  You know your littles want felt Christmas cookies.

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