Friday, November 4, 2011

Please Tell Me You Aren't Really Doing That

The carpet is laid at the new house, so I finally feel safe letting the girls roam around there while I try to accomplish things like measure for curtains and vacuum up mass quantities of carpet fuzzies.

While doing this today Evelyn became very quiet.  She's a sneaky, naughty little thing so silence is never positive.

I called out to her and her response was, "I not doing any-ting."  Which of course means, she didn't want caught.

Much to my surprise she wasn't just doing something naughty, she was sticking a screw in an outlet!  Are you kidding me child?!?!  I thought we had covered outlet safety ad nauseum after I found crayons broken off in multiple outlets in our current living room.

She looked so sullen as I explained what could have happened to her.  I didn't mince words and think I may have scared her into never touching metal ever again.

Does that face not have naughty written all over it???

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