Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Scrubbed My Living Room Rug

My house is kind of a disaster right now.  We got back from 4 days visiting family out of state and the wreckage from our return is littering my house.  I don't really want to touch it though.  It overwhelms me.  I would rather mess with my blog for a little bit while I attempt to feel awake enough to do something else.  But while sitting here I realized how disgusting my living room rug had become.  I mean really gross.  So while the rest of my house lies in destruction, my rug got scrubbed.  With half water/half white vinegar because vinegar is the wonder liquid and it did amazing.  Clean rug, messy house, mom is blogging.

We had a wonderful time in Iowa though.  Evelyn got her first haircut.  The Hawkeyes won their season opener because we were all 4 decked out in Hawkeye gear (yes, I attribute their wins to our dedication).  Scott even braved the torrential downpour to watch the game live.  Crazy boys, that's why they put it on TV!  We then family reunioned it up at Lake Panorama.  We spent Labor Day at Adventureland with lots of family.  Evelyn the dare devil convinced her uncle and cousin to ride on the Saw Mill Splash twice in a row. 

I should have pictures of all these things, but I don't.  They are on my mom's camera, so an updated post will have to come later.

In super-exciting adoption news, our home study is DONE.  I mean really done.  No more visits, or paperwork, or intrusive interviews.  If we got a call today about a baby needing a home we could technically say yes, except we wouldn't be able to pay anyone the fees for it.  So the next big step is funds.  I am going on a grant application crusade in the next couple of weeks.  Most of them are outright grants, a couple are matching grants.  It is a ton more paperwork, but would be hugely helpful if we could qualify and be awarded even one of them.

Closing on the house is set to happen in just under 3 weeks.  Then comes the demo and painting extravaganza (a.k.a. roping everyone you know and love into being free labor). 

You may notice I changed up my blog a little bit.  It was too dreary looking.  I'm much more bright and cheery than my blog appeared.  So it will remain plain and white for now until I think of something else brilliant to do or need an afternoon to waste.  While you're looking at my new digs, you can click on the right hand column under "Other Places You'll Find Me" to see my Poof Tutorial featured on another blog.  The link below that is the Happybottomus where I have become a regular blogger.  This is good because it spares you all from ready my super crunchy posts.  I'm so kind.

Speaking of my kindness, I won't make you read that much rambling without a few darling photos of the Belle.  Yogurt is a favorite around here and she loves the opportunity to feed it to herself.  It is apparently either a finger food or a liquid to drink.  Either option is available. 

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