Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day of Birthday Fun

Are you ready for this?  You should prepare.  This is mass picture overload about to happen.

For Evelyn's 3rd birthday we packed the day with things she loves.  Pancakes and bacon for breakfast followed by a trip to the zoo with friends.

 Scott wasn't originally going to be able to come.  Then the morning of her birthday Evelyn looked into his eyes and said, "You have to go to work daddy???"  Sucker.

Here she is with her much requested (like multiple times every day leading up to her birthday) chocolate lion cake. 

This is Ally Rae, her best friend. These two were friends while still in the womb. We took our Bradley childbirth classes with her parents and Tara was one of the first people in KC to befriend me.

You have to get two pictures of these crazy girls because they refused to both be smiling at the same time. 

We made animal masks at lunch because I'm a dork and think it's always craft time. 

She woke up from her afternoon nap to find Grandma Cindy, Grandpa John, Uncle Ryan, and cousin Max!  So we headed to one of her favorite places, the Nelson-Atkins Museum Sculpture Garden.

The sprinklers came on!

A relatively successful attempt at a group photo.

An unsuccessful attempt to get a photo of the birthday girl.

They were much too busy to stop for a photo op.

So how did we catch this shot?

She was about to jump!

We headed across the street to the park.

Ummmm.  Not sure how to caption that.

Me showing my mom how exciting iPhones are.  She's clearly impressed.

The perpetually happy baby.

Surely sharing some sisterly wisdom as oldest sisters are known to do.

Dancin' boots!!!

Her gifts had a noticeable horse theme.  She was thrilled.

Some new horses for Evelyn meant Belle getting a shot at getting to play with one of her old ones.

More cake!  The candle wouldn't stay lit outside at the zoo, so we got to do the singing thing again.

This is my new favorite photo of Belle.

Thanks Max!  She wasn't upset he blew out her candle.  Her attempts weren't working.

Oh yeah, we bought a house in the middle of all that too...

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