Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have a collection of random photos from the past few weeks I wanted to share.  

Here Evelyn and Bella are having a tea party.  Evelyn told Bella that she couldn't drink out of a cup yet, but let her suck on the lid to the creamer. 

You can laugh with me.

Then Bella saw the camera and as seems to be the case for her lately, she wanted to eat it.

Evelyn put some of her stuffed animals to sleep in the baby crib, but then decided it was too bright for them.  So she covered the crib with a pillow.  :)

Bella is working on her top teeth, so she has spent extra time riding around on mommy chewing on her raspberry teether.

Evelyn has been on eagle watch.  She will yell at the eggs to hatch and beg to see the birdies.

Bella can pull herself up to standing on just about anything lately.  It's her favorite hobby.  She's still working gracefully getting herself back down again though!

She can make it up a step too!

Warm weather has returned!  Evelyn pushed Bella all the way around the block in the little car.  They both loved it!

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