Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Girl and Her Cat

Scott and I are not cat people.  At all.  He's allergic to them and we both just don't really like them.  And not to sound mean, but no, your cat isn't different.  I have yet to meet a cat person that won't try to convince me that their cat is more like a dog, or a baby, or some other more lovable creature.  But no.  It's still a cat. 

Evelyn feels much differently.  She LOVES cats.  Clearly this is not a genetic passed on sort of feeling. 

So this story begins at about 10:30 one night when we see a fire truck stop out in front of our house.  Kinda scary.  We run out there to see what's on fire only to discover the truck shining lights up into a tree.  There's a cat up there.  Apparently fire trucks don't only come out for cats stuck in trees in the movies.  Tax dollars at work ladies and gents. 

The cat made it down and our neighbor (who is a cat person) named him Treetop.  He stuck around the neighborhood.  Whenever we were grilling he was sure to come around.  He loved on Evelyn and she happily returned the affection.  She started referring to him as, "my cat".  Never sweet child, never. 

This adventure only lasted a few days though while our neighbor tried to find his owners.  He clearly was well loved at some point as he was great with the girls and very friendly.  Evelyn only let him in our house once at which point he was quickly evicted. 

His original owners could not be found, so he was sent to the vet's office to be re-homed.  Rumor has it that he now lives with an elderly woman who's former cat recently passed.

Evelyn will still ask me about her cat every now and again.  She even got tears in her eyes one time when I told her she probably wouldn't get to see Treetop again. 

She will just have to be content playing with the neighbor's cat and chasing the neighborhood bunnies.


  1. Your first paragraph cracked me up...that is so true that cat owners try to tell you how theirs is different! Haha!!! :) What a fun story.

  2. I love the last picture of Evelyn looking out the window at HER cat!!!!My eyes are watering now not just because I am sad for Evelyn but because of me being allergic!!!!lol