Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh my little Evelyn. She makes me laugh every day. As I type this she is upstairs "napping". While trying to fall asleep she's singing to herself and cracking me up. The picture above was taken this morning. She let me know that she needed my pump so that she could pump na-na milk for her baby. When she finished she asked me for a bag to put it in.

This photo was taken yesterday. Yes, she's wearing the same shirt. She slept in it too. When this girl gets hooked on an outfit it doesn't come off until she's has made a mess of it. She's showing off her prized acorn. You think it's hard to find a favorite stuffed animal for a child when they misplace it; try having a child who is in love with an ACORN. An acorn that she likes to throw all over the house and then go hunting for it. Ugh. She threw it down the grate in the entry way last night and I can't find it nor get it out. I let her know that daddy would help her get it. Hee hee...
Earlier in the day yesterday we headed to Costco. I told Evelyn to get ready to go and this is what she decided she needed. Pink snow boots and daddy's hat. She wore that hat the whole time we were in the store even though it kept covering her eyes. Like I said, she finds something she likes and don't even try to convince her to wear something else.
She loves to put on Annabelle's clothes. Here she is running away from me trying to take a picture of her in Annabelle's onesie.