Thursday, July 2, 2015

Abraham is 3!

He may be the most loved and adored 3-year-old ever.  Except when he decides to unsleep in the middle of the night.  We could do without that big guy.

 He's talking up a storm though.  His vocabulary keeps leaping and he's saying lots of long sentences and new words.

He's full on obsessed with trains.  All trains.  All the time.  He holds a particularly affinity to Thomas, but really will squeal over the sight of any train or train track and can watch youtube videos of trains endlessly.

He's not my bitty baby anymore.  No growth problems here!  He's now 31.4 pounds (50th%) and 38 1/8 inches tall (70th%).  He's wearing size 3T clothes and size 9 shoes.  He still fits into a pair of 18-24 month swim trunks though because he's so skinny that he can't hold a lot of them up!

His favorite food is chicken nuggets.  He won't turn down BBQ though.

He's attempting to drop his nap while I'm attempting to not let him.

He is so ready to be a big brother.  He adores babies and talks often about our new baby.

He knows all his colors and can count.  He's starting to enjoy imaginative play with his sisters, and is getting closer and closer with Annie which is fun to watch as he used to always favor Evelyn.

And in most exciting news...he potty trained!  No more daytime diapers!  He's very independent with it as well.  When at home he often won't even tell me he has to go, just asks for help in getting his shorts back on afterward.  It's a miracle.

So basically he's the most amazing kid ever.

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