Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Abraham is 2

My wild man is 2.  This last year with him was a lot more peaceful and uneventful than his first.  He, on the other hand, is exponentially less calm.  

He is busy, busy, busy all. the. time.

He's starting to talk all the time now and his language is exploding.  He's starting stringing words together into short sentences and will copy most words you attempt to have him say.

He looks funny at the regular camera, but recognizes my phone as a camera and will respond by being silly and saying "cheese" when he sees it pointed at him.

His favorite toys include anything musical that makes lots of noise and weaponry.  Anything that can be used as a sword is used as such complete with "whoosh!" sound effects.

He kept letting me know that the candles on his cake were "hot, hot" as we sang to him.

And he managed to blow one of his candles out.

I still think he may be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen in my entire life.

He will occasionally sneak a drumstick into nap time to snuggle with.  Usually only blankie and Buddy are allowed.  He won't sleep without blankie.

He still likes to snuggle and rock before bedtime.  Although lately he's not quite as snuggly and thinks that climbing all over me is more fun.

He's into everything all the time.  Now that he's discovered how amazing baked goods are, nothing is safe.

And if he can't reach where I've hidden it at the back of the counter, he will try to find a way.  He dragged the girls' vanity stool down 2 flights of steps to attempt to reach the cake in the container.

We just flipped him forward facing and he looked at me shocked and kind of freaked out the first couple of times I put him in.  He's discovered he can see the DVD playing though, so has decided it's the way to ride.

His favorite foods are dessert, meat, and french fries.  And anything he can dip into ketchup.  He gave up bottles this month, finally, but was not happy about it.

He's still a bit of a peanut at about 25 lbs. and still wearing 18-24 month sized clothing.


  1. He is just adorable! Happy birthday little man. =)

  2. Love that little man! And he has the cutest eyes EVER. He's gonna be a looker ;). Glad to see he had such a fun birthday :)