Monday, February 24, 2014

Life Since Christmas

Life has been FULL around here.  Not just busy, but full.  The days are both incredibly long dealing with the reality of 3 small children, but also short compared to how much I'm trying to accomplish.

I've still been trying to purge and clean to make my house feel less hectic.  You may notice on the side there I'm inching up on having gotten almost 700 items out of the house!  Woot!

This cupboard was a hot mess.  But no more!

Then there's this kid.  Seriously.  The cute overload is equal the the amount of destruction he can cause in a day.  I've never seen the like.  He does. not. stop.  Toilets, cupboards, drawers, anything on the kitchen's all fair game.

I'm also making some attempts this year to take better care of myself mentally and physically.  Part of that was joining the YMCA.  This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.  I'm getting in shape and they give me 2 hours of free childcare a day to do so.  Win - win.  I get a break and I feel better about myself.

Well, that was until I strained my ankle.  I'm equally annoyed and in pain.  I'm not sure how long recovery will take, but I will still be hitting up the gym, because 2 hours of childcare.  I get to shower there without children destroying things too.  Seriously, it's the best idea ever.

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  1. They need a "like" button on blogs now too. ;)
    But seriously, what happened to your ankle? Awful :(
    And the shower thing, I could agree on that for when I have more than just Ellie. I wait until she is sleeping.


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