Friday, November 9, 2012

A Slice of Heaven for the Weekend

 The girls got to have an out of body experience a few weekends ago when we secretly planned a trip to Nebraska for them.  It wasn't until we were halfway to Uncle Chris' house that Evelyn guessed our final destination.  Uncle Chris' house is the stuff of dreams for these two (and let's face it, for Scott too). 

The weekend was full.  Saturday morning started with cat chasing.

This child really does belong on a farm.  She was born to city dwellers though, and will have to wait and buy a big piece of land for herself some time in the future.  If she doesn't own a whole host of animals as an adult I will be shocked.

These two little girls are about to become the happiest children in the midwest.  And Scott switched from lawyer Scott to cowboy Scott (although I think there's a button down shirt on under that fleece, don't let him fool you).

I mean that face, seriously.  I teared up a bit I think.  She was so, so happy to get to ride a horse.

Annie burst out of her shell too.  I thought she would be terrified of Rebel because she won't even ride on the swings at the park.

That's Aunt Katie ever so patiently leading our girls around the yard on Rebel.

Annie adored having so much space to run around.  The poor cats didn't get a moment of peace while we were out there.

Abraham got to meet Uncle Chris for the first time, clearly he's thrilled.

Evelyn kept saying we needed to stay for just a few more days.  I think she was ready for us to just head home and leave her there. 

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