Monday, May 2, 2011

My Girls Have a Daddy

If you spend very much time around my daughters you will probably conclude that they are both indeed, "daddy's girls".  They adore their father. 

They crawl and run to the door when he comes home from work.  In church, Bella wants daddy to hold her instead of mommy.  When Evelyn gets hurt during the day she will often ask for daddy to come home to comfort her.  She much prefers having daddy put her down for her nap or bed for the night. 

It's not coincidence though.  It's not some fluke that these girls look at their dad with such admiration and love.  

Scott has invested himself in their lives.

It starts first thing in the morning.  He is the one that gets up in the morning with the girls so that I can catch a little extra sleep.  He comes downstairs with them and makes their breakfast.  They spend time playing and talking.  

He comes home for lunch whenever he is able to.  That way he can be here to put Evelyn to bed for her nap.  And he doesn't just put her to bed; he talks with her, reads to her, and prays with her. 

When he gets home from work he pours his time into them: holding them, talking to them, playing with them.  It continues until nighttime when gets Evelyn ready for bed and repeats the pre-sleeping routine from nap time.  

On the weekends if he has errands to run, he takes Evelyn with him whenever possible.  He involves the girls in whatever it is he needs to do.  

If he has to work extra, he tries to do it only during nap time or after the girls are in bed for the night.  

 And if Evelyn wakes in the night, it is dad that is the first one there to comfort her and help her take care of whatever it is she needed.

So while some people say that they are both such a "daddy's girl", I say that my girls have a daddy.


  1. love this post! what a sweet post! So thankful that my girls have a sweet involved daddy too :)

  2. this is an awesome post. your husband is fab!

  3. Scott, will you be my daddy too?

  4. I am so happy my granddaughters have such a great daddy!!!! ( And mommy )Love you all