Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Lesson in Parenting

I admit it. I struggle with judging other parents on their parenting decisions. I've gotten a lot better at it since my own children have humbled me beyond measure, but it's still there.

I used to cringe when other children would throw a fit at bedtime about wanting to sleep with a certain toy or needing things a certain way. I was going to avoid that. I had it all figured out. We just wouldn't let Evelyn sleep with any one toy or get overly attached to anything so that it would never be a battle at our house. Oh how I had life figured out.

This is Evelyn before her nap a couple days ago. She throws an absolute knock down, drag out fit if she doesn't get to sleep with not just one, but up to EIGHT of her favorite stuffed animals and MULTIPLE special blankets. That's right folks. Good thing I never let her get attached to just one, huh?

God has an amazing way of teaching all kinds of important lessons.

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