Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Evelyn is both a challenge and a joy to me everyday. She does such funny and entertaining things sometimes. Some things that always bring a smile to my face...

~I had the space heater turned on in my bedroom and she walked in front of it, pulled her pants down, and warmed her tushy.

~She loves to turn the noise machine on for Annabelle before she goes to sleep and reminds herself every time to "no welly loud". She used to try to turn it up as loud as it would go.

~She likes us to walk around the house in circles with her. Our house has a loop you can walk and she is content to push a stroller or just walk around it for much longer than you would think it would be entertaining. A couple nights ago I think the 4 of us spent half an hour just walking around in circles while Scott and I chatted.

~She calls her white forks her Jesus forks (pronounced: she-she fok) because she has a white lego that says Jesus on it as well.

~She refers to going potty as either yellow poopy or brown poopy.

~When asked what she would like to eat she usually responds with either chips, meat, carrots, yogurt or french fries. One day though she asked for hot cow.

~It will be a miracle the day that I can keep clothes on her for the entire day. Every time I turn around she has peeled some article of clothing off. Her usual excuse is that it's either "aw dirty", "aw wet", or "too tight".

~She thinks tooting is absolutely hilarious and points out whenever someone does it while giggling.

~She is an absolute wreck on laundry day because she sees me putting her favorite shirts and pajamas in laundry baskets to take downstairs. This week she particularly upset to see her purple socks and blue monkey shirt have to go. She had to walk down to the basement with me and see me put them in the washer to be reassured that they would be ok.

~She loves to make Annabelle happy. She will give her hugs and kisses and bring her toys to cheer her up. Then she will tell me, "Ah-belle no sad!"

~She will go through 5-6 napkins in the average dinner because she can't stand having any food on her hands, tray, or the table and hates reusing dirty napkins.


  1. That napkin thing sounds like me! haha!!! :) I love how she calls her potty yellow poopy. Too funny!!!!

  2. These are so cute!!! I love the white fork/white lego thing. The connections their little minds make always amaze me. :)

  3. This was so fun to read!!! Hilarious!