Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cough Remedy

I feel so bad for Evelyn when she has a bad cough, especially when it keeps her awake at night or wakes her up early from a nap. I've been reading about using essential oils medicinally, and found a wonderful cough remedy. It worked wonders for us through a bout of coughing she had about a month ago when fighting the flu and is working great again tonight. Evelyn developed a cough yesterday and coughed all the way through her nap this afternoon. So far tonight though, I haven't heard a single cough since setting up our new concoction!

Tea tree oil
Lavender oil
Eucalyptus oil
glass bowl
boiling water

Put 2 drops each of your three essential oils into a glass bowl. Place the bowl beside the child's bed or crib. If you have a child that gets up in the night, you can place the bowl under the bed so they won't knock it over. Pour boiling water into the bowl and quickly close the child's door to keep the aromatics trapped in the room.

You can do this up to three nights in a row. Then it's best to take a couple of nights off before starting again if the cough is persisting.

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