Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Items I Love

I decided to compile a list of all my favorite baby items I used with Evelyn. Hopefully if you have a baby on the way this may help!

Swaddle blanket: She wouldn't sleep without one until she was 5 months old! It would instantly calm her when she was fussy and was much easier than trying to keep her swaddled tight in a regular blanket.

Sleep sack: Now she sleeps in one of these. It's wonderful because she can't kick her blankets off and get cold in the night.

Noise Machine
: This is great as part of our going to sleep routine. She knows when I turn it on that it's time to sleep. It's also great during naps in our noisy neighborhood as few things seem to wake her up when its running.

Ring Sling
: I use this almost every day. If she's cranky and wants held while I'm doing stuff around the house, she rides around in the sling. If we're at the store and there's no cart to put her in (or before she was big enough for the cart) I didn't have to lug around that huge, heavy car seat, I just put her in the sling. She loves being held close, and I love having my hands free. It's also much easier on your arms and back than carrying in you arms!

Moby Wrap: Until about 6 months she also loved this carrier. It's perfect for a small baby that wants to snuggle close, or for a slightly larger baby that wants to face out and see what's going on.

Nursing Cover: I never leave the house without it. It allows me to nurse anywhere we go without feeling like I'm exposing myself. I also have never had to nurse in a bathroom (yuck!).

Swaddlebees: These are my favorite of Evelyn's cloth diapers. They fit great, are easy to put on, and are so soft on the inside. Besides, they're so cute!

Boppy: This is a breastfeeding must! It makes breastfeeding so much easier on your back and arms because it keeps baby well supported while nursing.

Mullein-Garlic Oil: This is a must have for ear infections. You can avoid a trip to the doctor's office and antibiotics (which are silly for ear infections anyways since 90% of them are viral and antibiotics have been linked to recurrent ear infections). You just warm the oil and put a few drops in the infected ear. It soothes the pain and helps their body fight off the infection.

Instinct: God gave you a gut feeling for a reason. Women were designed to be mothers of their babies. Before you follow what any book written by a so-called expert has to say, go with what feels right for you and your family.


  1. I second every item! Shocking, right? :-) Breastmilk is great for ear infections too; just a couple drops in the infected ear!