Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes

So once again, I saw that Anna was on the ball with this while I totally forgot. Hee hee. So here we go...

1 ~ Evelyn is finally sleeping better at night! It took a little work, but she's now going down at 8, sleeping until 4:30 when she eats, and then sleeping until 7. Sometimes she wakes up other than that, but she puts herself back to sleep! Yay!

2 ~ Evelyn is also teething. Her shirt is constantly soaked and she is pretty cranky. I broke down and gave her Motrin at night (I hate doing OTC medicine), but she was miserable and it aided in the whole sleeping better thing.

3 ~ We are over halfway through our 10 week anti-candida diet, and I can finally say that I'm over a lot of my cravings. I've just sort of accepted my new found eating tendencies and am doing ok with it. It will be kind of weird to be able to go to a restaurant in a few weeks and not have to order a plain burger with no bun or cheese and the veggie of the day.

4 ~ We are headed to Iowa tonight. Evelyn and I will be there for 9 days while Scott is in Orlando on a business trip.

5 ~ Scott has to have his wedding ring resized because it falls off. He's going to have it done while I'm up in Iowa because that's where we purchased it. So he will be going on a business trip without his kind of made me laugh.

6 ~ It's my birthday next week. I love my birthday. I blame my mom for this because our birthday's were always such a big deal when we were growing up. You got to pick what all the meals would be and it was always so exciting. I always ate breakfast food all day long (pancakes, waffles, french toast)! Yum!

7 ~ Evelyn is 5 months old already!!! It's already been a big month for her. She has learned to sleep unswaddled without a pacifier and to spit! What amazing accomplishments!

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